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3 French Laws that put the brakes on wireless device addiction.. for kids and grown ups.

These days it seems we’re adopting collections of new online conveniences every year that we can’t imagine having ever lived without. Have we been going too fast? Over the last five years, the French Government has passed a number of laws in the tech-communications space which I imagine will eventually shift public attitudes towards wireless device use. Can you imagine these three laws passing in your country?

smartphone-1557796_1280September 1st 2018, All students under the age of 15 years are banned from using smartphones at school. Continue reading “3 French Laws that put the brakes on wireless device addiction.. for kids and grown ups.”

Electromagnetic Radiation

Are Mobile Phone Towers Safe? Possibly Not….

phone-tower-bluesky-3.pngMobile phone towers fade into that place above my eye-line where I don’t tend to take any notice… until now! After my home Wifi investigation, it dawned on me that these towers (also known as base stations and antennas) are just like my active wireless router at home but on a massive scale.  They are powered 24/7, connecting our 3G and 4G devices, emitting high-frequency (microwave) radiation while we’re out and about, whether we like it or not.

If you live in the city or suburbs, you may be surprised to see how many towers are around you.  Mobile phone technology uses high-frequency radio wave bands. The higher the frequency used, the less distance the shorter wavelengths travel requiring many towers to be dotted across our landscape.  Typically, towers in urban areas are approx. 2km to 5km apart. More towers equal better coverage and higher frequencies mean higher levels of RF (radio frequency) radiation for us.

Out and about with my meter.

Using the website Oztowers.com.au, I can see the towers in my immediate area. You can see on this map the antennas are owned by Telstra (T), Optus (O) and Vodafone (V).

Screen Shot 2018-06-29 at 12.13.56 pm

With my Acousticom 2 Meter, I took readings at some of these locations to compare with the levels of RF radiation from my Wifi router at home.  Here’s what I found. Continue reading “Are Mobile Phone Towers Safe? Possibly Not….”

Electromagnetic Radiation

Keep your friends close and your Smart Meter far, far away…..

One day in the not too distant future, we will all be able to control our Wifi enabled electrical appliances remotely via our smartphones.  Imagine driving home from a night out and being able to turn the heating on before you return. Or, if you’re like me, not having to deal with the nagging doubt that you may have left the electric stove top on.

Screen Shot 2018-06-01 at 1.23.08 pm

This will all be made possible by our smart meters, standing by to deliver us to a future of convenience! Sounds good? Hmmm, maybe not so good… Continue reading “Keep your friends close and your Smart Meter far, far away…..”

Electromagnetic Radiation

Will switching off my Wifi router make my home safer?

Now this is an interesting question! My laptop detects 19 other Wifi networks around me so I’m very keen to find the answer.  To my mind, wireless networks surround us and are difficult to escape, so what would be the point of switching off my Wifi if my 19 close proximity neighbours in the flats next door don’t do the same? To investigate I need a meter, and I need the right kind. Continue reading “Will switching off my Wifi router make my home safer?”

Electromagnetic Radiation

Have you ever had an inkling that wifi radiation isn’t good for our health?

Hello friends and Happy Mother’s Day! Welcome to my very first blog post which I’ve decided to publish today of all days because becoming a Mum has made me a researcher!

Have you ever had an inkling that wifi radiation isn’t good for our health?          Some part of me has felt this is true for quite a while. Before becoming a Mum, I  mostly ignored this suspicion, in fact until quite recently I slept with a Wifi router under my bed (which I’ve since learnt is a huge no-no!).  Back in January, a Facebook friend shared this post that really grabbed my attention. Continue reading “Have you ever had an inkling that wifi radiation isn’t good for our health?”