This is not strictly a Mummy Blog, but I’m here because I am a Mum and I have so many questions!  Hi, this is Carly….R4D about pic pixlr cropped

I think it’s reasonably common for new parents to find themselves re-evaluating their lifestyle choices and I’m definitely no exception. It feels like this motivation comes from the desire to encourage the best of health in our children, to set a good example and to ensure we remain healthy enough to be around for a very long time to come! Becoming a Mum has sparked in me a hunger to research so many aspects of my lifestyle as well as the impacts of this modern world on our health. In a nutshell, I want my everyday choices to be really well informed.

Recently I’ve been having some sort of nostalgia for high school science! Apart from anticipating the horror of dissecting a rodent, I’m recalling learnings from highschool experiments in everyday day life!  I remember the laws of inertia when I accidentally bash heads with my son during a tickle match, and I know to take it easy on the starchy foods with him because I’ve seen with my own eyes that when mixed with saliva, starch turns to sugar.

Later in high school, I left science by the wayside for the performing arts where I have been for most of my adult life. It’s not such a foreign leap to find myself in research mode as the world of theatre production sometimes requires investigation and experimentation to make the most unusual things happen on stage. These days I’m inspired about the wealth of information available online for anyone who wants to learn and I’m really making the space to explore and expand my knowledge while my son is still small and having daytime naps!

20180306_110725 (1)So here I am creating this blog. A place where I can document and share my research. At times I’ll carry out my own home experiments and other times I will dive deep into up-to-date expert opinion around modern health and lifestyle. My net of interest will also catch matters relating to community and sustainability which are areas I’m also keen to explore and improve on. This is my form of self-directed education, and if you like, you can be the person I report to.