Electromagnetic Radiation

Will switching off my Wifi router make my home safer?

Now this is an interesting question! My laptop detects 19 other Wifi networks around me so I’m very keen to find the answer.  To my mind, wireless networks surround us and are difficult to escape, so what would be the point of switching off my Wifi if my 19 close proximity neighbours in the flats next door don’t do the same? To investigate I need a meter, and I need the right kind.

RF Microwave Frequencies

My Wifi router communicates wirelessly using two antennas that send and receive radio signal at the frequency 2.4 GigaHertz or 2400 Megahertz. Compare that to a radio station, say Triple JJJ at 105.7 Megahertz.  You can understand why my router falls into a  higher category of radio frequency (RF) classified as microwaves.

Frequency-Spectrum-2 2

Introducing the Acousticom 2

Calibrated to measure RF Microwaves from 200 Megahertz to 8 Gigahertz, this meter is the smaller version of the original Acousticom and measures in the correct frequency range to do the job.

Screen Shot 2018-05-25 at 4.18.18 pm

Electromagnetic radiation is sometimes measured in Volts per meter (V/m) which shows us the strength of the signal it reads.  The scale of this meter is designed to mark levels where people who suffer from Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity (EMH) start feeling negative effects like headache, insomnia, fatigue, heart palpitations, tinnitus and burning sensations (to name just a few).  Some people are just more sensitive to electromagnetic fields and I’m erring on the side of realistic caution with my targets as I have a small child at home. I’m aiming for my upper limit to be in the yellow range of 0.05 – 0.1 V/m.  

These units of measurement are really small!  My trick to remembering my target range is the blood alcohol driving limit of 0.05, everyone knows that! You’ll notice the numbers on the scale don’t increase evenly, so it’s worth keeping in mind that a measurement of 1.0 V/m is 60 TIMES that of my target 0.05 V/m.


In this video, I take comparative measurements in my lounge room walking to my router over a distance of 4 meters. Press play on the video

As I’m aiming for 0.05 – 0.1 V/m, you can see, turning the Wifi OFF does get me a lot closer to my goal. It’s interesting to note that when the Wifi is ON, the signal strength is weaker with distance. The ambient levels in my small lounge (say at my couch) with Wifi ON reads at 0.65 – 1.0 V/m  which is 6.5 times greater than my target.

Do you work with a wireless router close to you at your desk?  Hopefully, this video has given you a visual on the strength of radiation in close proximity to a microwave transmitter.  It’s also important to mention that wireless routers transmit signal continuously, so there is no break from the strength of the radiation.


I love a good analogy to visualise the strength of microwaves because we can’t see, hear, touch or smell them. Building biologists describe a Wifi router as being like an ashtray in the corner of the room with a smouldering cigarette filling your home with smoke 24/7.

Back to the question…have I decreased the level of high-frequency radiation in my home by turning the Wifi off?

The answer is YES.  I have decreased the ambient reading in my lounge by 84.6%.

How about microwave radiation from my laptop?

This journey began because  I noticed my laptop was able to detect 19 other Wifi networks.  I now understand that my laptop has a transmitting antenna and if I turn the Wifi off I disable it.  If my laptop stops transmitting data wirelessly, it results in much lower microwave readings as you can see in this video.  Press play on the video

This really brings to life for me the reality of sitting in front of a laptop using Wifi for 8 hours a day! Apparently, the erratic or pulsing nature of these radio waves is difficult for our bodies to handle (more on my research to-do list!).


This experiment shows (despite so many of my neighbours having active Wifi) that I do have control over the levels of RF Microwave radiation in my home by eliminating the transmitters I use. The notion I had that RF Microwaves are all around us and are inescapable is true, but it’s clear that the culprits I’m looking for are my close range powered devices that transmit their own microwaves inside my house.

I have now switched off my wireless at home and use ethernet cable.


2018-05-25 14.35.12 2You may want to ask the question why I’m getting a reading at all with the Wifi OFF in my loungeroom? At this stage of my investigation, I assume part of it is because I live in an urban area with several mobile phone towers approx. 500m from my home.  This picture is taken on the footpath outside my loungeroom windows. The measurement is approx 0.65 V/m (between the two steady amber lights).  This reading is high! It’s also the same as my ambient lounge room reading when my router Wifi is ON.


I can’t control the levels of microwave radiation transmitting from mobile phone towers outside, but I can take steps to reduce the exposure inside my home.

Technology is fantastic and I think we should be encouraged to use it as safely as possible.  Many will say, that at this stage there is not enough evidence to prove that microwave radiation from our personal tech equipment causes any adverse health effects and the IARC (International Agency for Research on Cancer) has only labelled it as a possible human carcinogen. Concerned scientists say it may take decades before we discover how detrimental our current levels of high-frequency radiation are to our cells and DNA over time. How much evidence do we need before taking precautionary action?

It’s your home, your sanctuary, give your family a break 🙂  If you are wedded to your wireless, at least try turning it off (at the power) at night.

If you do decide that going back to ethernet is right for you, it may not be as simple as pressing a button on your modem  / router.  Contact your modem provider to check on how to turn your Wifi off correctly and to be doubly sure, get your hands on a meter to double check.

Next week I’ll be asking the question;

 I have 6 smart meters in my courtyard!!! Do I need to move?   

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I’ll sign off with this video – An International Scientist Appeal on Electromagnetic Fields to the United Nations (2015).  See further resources worth checking out below this video.

Until next time!


How does Wifi Work? Brit Lab  This video has great visuals interpreting what Wifi radiation looks like.

EMR Australia This is where I hired the meter.  I highly recommend their service! Director Lyn McLean has 20 years experience in this field and has published several books on this subject. She was so helpful with questions I had about my testing. This website is also a great resource if you want to know more about EMFs.

Electromagnetic Hypersensity  More information about the symptoms.  This is a great article if you think you may be affected by electromagnetic fields.

The BioInitiative Report Independent scientists appealing to the United Nations for tighter exposure limits worldwide.

Oz Towers Search  Check to see where mobile phone towers are in your area.

Have you ever had an inkling that wifi radiation isn’t good for our health?  Check out my first step of this Wifi investigation journey!







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