My Reusable Coffee Cup and the Secret of My Success!

I’m NOTORIOUS  for leaving my personal belongings behind, and yes a few months ago I did leave my reusable coffee cup at a park never to be seen again. Now I have a new and improved cup in my life, I’m determined to keep it safe!  It’s all about mindset and here’s how I think it…

  • Think of it as you would your child’s lunch box.   

Use it – put it back in your bag –  take it home –  wash/rinse – put it back in your bag.

  • Don’t have kids? Think of it as the favourite container you use to take your lunch to work. 

Use it – put it back in your bag –  take it home –  wash/rinse – put it back in your bag.

It’s not that hard.

Buy your lunch every day? Don’t really care about Tupperware? Ok yep, I’ve been there….

I look back to when takeaway coffee snuck its way into my daily life. It all started at university in the late 90s when everyone started talking about needing coffee to function in the morning. Costa ran “The Caf” at uni and his coffee was obsessed over by students across the campus (does this sound like the makings of a Seinfeld episode?).  I had a Costa-made soy flat white in my hand most mornings going to class, so by the time I entered the workforce, my morning takeaway coffee habit was well and truly established.

I was working on a touring show in L.A. a few years ago and met an awesome lady who was a HUGE fan of Melbourne because of the TV series “Off Spring” (hey Zarina!).  I remember her commenting about Melbourne being so cool that even the takeaway coffee cups look awesome (as shown in the hands of Asher Keddie walking the streets of Fitzroy).  I’m a Melbournian, so ofcourse I was chuffed to hear that my hometown had made such a cool impression…..

But wait, hang on…..not cool Melbourne!  Australians throw out approximately 1 BILLION cups each year, and I estimate that I’ve thrown out about 3000 of them (let’s say I bought a coffee 5 days a week, over 30 weeks of each year, for 20 years).  Most of the disposable cups we use may look recyclable, but the plastic waterproof coating makes them UN-recyclable. Planet Ark says that 60,000 kg of plastic from coffee cups is dumped in landfill every year in Australia.  If you missed the ABC’s War On Waste episode about the sheer volume of cups disposed of by Australians every 30 minutes, it’s brilliant, you can check out a clip from it here.

I must admit, I didn’t switch to a reusable cup two years ago on an environmental crusade.  As a single Mum, I began to enforce my own austerity budget and my daily soy flat white was one of the first things to go! I began making my own coffee and soy chai at home before leaving the house.  They say it takes 30 days to create or change a habit, It wasn’t long before I was officially re-programmed. Now I think it’s crazy we don’t all have a special cup in our lives….. for our barista and homemade warm bevvies on the go.

Screen Shot 2018-05-20 at 6.03.36 pm

So whether your coffee is your morning jump start, a cozy friend to coax you to your desk, your morning planning companion or you like to visit your charming barista daily, we all know keeping a reusable cup habit will go some way to making the world a better place.  Wouldn’t it be great to see reusable cups in everyone’s hands on their morning trek to work….go on,  give it a try!

Before you leave the house think- wallet, phone, keys, coffee cup. 

Shout Outs!

Onya  – Aussie made reusable products.  My new cup is an Onya 🙂 Thanks for the product shots used in this piece.

Ladybird Organics  – my awesome local organic shop (Puckle St Moonee Ponds) where I bought my cup (and do my weekly fruit & veg shopping… the best!).

Ascot Vale Leisure Centre Cafe  – the only cafe I frequent in my area who offer a discount (10%) for using my own cup (may many more follow!).



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